Jason Strimpel

Jason Strimpel

PyQuant News
Technical Content Creator

Jason is based in Denver, CO where he returned after living in Singapore for 7 years. He has 18 years of experience in trading, quantitative risk management, and technology. Jason is currently the Head of Startup Data Strategy at Amazon Web Services. Prior to that, he was a consultant with AWS ProServe helping enterprise customers build data and analytics tools.

Previously Jason was Head of Engineering, Data Science, and Analytics at Rio Tinto where he built and managed the Commercial Engineering and Data Science teams. Before that, he was a technology venture capital investor, chief information officer of an ag trading firm, quantitative risk manager, derivatives credit portfolio analyst, trading risk manager, and derivatives trader. Jason holds a Master of Finance degree from Illinois Institute of Technology.

While not working or chasing after his two kids, Jason spends time building writing technical content for PyQuant News. He enjoys exercise, reading, and occasionally a terrible movie. Jason's originally from Chicago and has lived and worked in Singapore, the UK, and Mexico.

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