Anton Bryzgalov

Anton Bryzgalov

Expert Data Engineer, Cloud & Blockchain Solutions Architect

I am an Expert Cloud&Blockchain Data Engineer with over 7 years of production experience, as an Architect for 5 most recent years, designed 25+ projects for various domains including finance, marketing, retail, blockchain. On PyChain I am going to share with you a brief summary of my original Medium article "How to Export a Full History of Ethereum Blockchain to S3"

Most recent solutions I have designed and implemented:

— AWS-based serverless Lakehouse (using S3, EMR, Glue, ECS, Athena) for a full history of Ethereum data.

— GCP-based ML-oriented ETL infrastructure (using Airflow, Dataflow); domain: foodtech.

— Real-time events tracking system (using ClickHouse, DataLens, serverless); domain: media, marketing.

— Adopted Druid+Superset BI toolset; domain: adtech.


— Proficient in Python.

— Major remote experience: I build an efficient work process for a distributed team.

— Airflow contributor and plugin creator:

— Extensive experience with MapReduce (incl. Spark) and BI tools.

— Effective communicator, responsible, team-oriented.

I have a Master's degree in Computer Science and have authored a scientific paper in Big Data.

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