Nov 15, 2022
6:35 pm

Breaking Into the Blockchain for Fun and Profit

Using Ethereum JSON-RPC directly with Python

About this session

While the data in the blockchain is public and free to access, getting to that data you need can be a little bit tricky. We could use, but it has some drawbacks and limitations. We’ll go direct to the source a query the JSON-RPC API directly.

In the shore time we’ll have together we’ll cover the following:

- Intro to the Blockchain Data Hierarchy:

- Blocks

- Transactions/Transaction Receipts

- Logs

- Intro to the Ethereum JSON-RPC API

- Documentation

- How to Get Access to the API

- Structure of Requests and Responses

- Querying the Easy Stuff

- Blocks

- Transaction Receipts

- Basic Log Searching

- Querying the Hard Stuff

- Advanced Log Searching and Parsing Log Data

- Contract Interaction

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