Nov 15, 2022
8:30 pm
Lighting talk

Introduction to Boson Protocol

Boson Protcol is Web3’s commerce layer.

About this session

Boson Protocol is Web3’s commerce Layer, enabling the decentralized commercial exchange of any physical thing as redeemable NFTs.
No need to trust centralised intermediaries or sellers. Instead Boson is an efficient, optimistic, fair-exchange protocol built using smart contracts encoded with game theory, with escalation to independent dispute resolvers.

Simply purchase the redeemable NFT and get the physical item, or your money back.

In March of 2021, Boson completed a $25.8m public sale, having also successfully raised $10 million USD in private investment rounds. Version 2 of Boson Protocol launches in late 2022 and has been lauded as a foundational piece of Web3 infrastructure, with Boson being awarded World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer status for the potential of this technology to democratize and transform global commerce.

Relevance to Python Developers

As part of the Version 2 launch of Boson Protocol, a dAPP built in React, along with a TypeScript SDK for interacting with the Boson Protocol smart contracts will be unveiled. The dAPP, SDK, and smart contracts are all open source. It could be an interesting project for Python developers to build a Python SDK and dApp to interact with the Boson Protocol smart contracts were unveiled.

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