PyChain announces main sponsor: Curve Finance

PyChain 2022 is excited to announce our main sponsor,

PyChain announces main sponsor: Curve Finance

About Curve

Curve Finance is the pioneering automatic market maker (AMM) protocol for non-volatile trading pairs. On Curve, you can swap between stablecoin-to-stablecoin and tightly coupled cryptocurrency pairs. Since its launch in 2020, Curve’s innovative low-price impact and low-fee model has become one of the cornerstones of cryptocurrency markets. Curve trades are trustless, counterparty risk-free and thus safe and fast up to tens of millions of dollars per individual trade. 

In traditional finance, an analogue for the Curve use case would be interbank transfers or credit card interchange. Curve allows both everyday trades and institutional trades to shift from one stable asset to another cost-efficiently, demonstrating some of the best opportunities enabled by decentralised finance.

Afterparty sponsored by Curve

Curve as the main sponsor will be hosting the official after-party for PyChain 2022. The event will take place in a 3D metaverse space (“a Singaporean rooftop bar”). The metaverse space is camera and audio stream enabled. The conference attendees can join different discussion tables, reach out to the speakers to ask more questions and brainstorm new ideas they got during the event. 

Reserve your PyChain 2022 tickets now

PyChain 2022 is the first online blockchain conference targeting the Python ecosystem and developers. The topics cover quantitative finance and AI, APIs, trading automation, web3, smart contract development, blockchain core development, security and testing. The goals of the event include introducing blockchain development to new developers and sharing the best practices across different blockchain community boundaries.

Tickets are free. The reservations for limited spots are open now, so get your ticket while you still can.

The conference will take place on 15th November. Follow for more information on

Start building on Curve today

Curve is actively looking for new builders. Potential projects include e.g. protocols using or built on Curve protocol, dashboards, integrations and educational content. Curve supports builders with grants. You can find the grant application here and find past grants on the Curve governance announcement board. If you are interested in working on Curve we suggest you join Curve Discord to ask for more information from the team to get started.

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