Keynote: Vyper - Pythonic smart contract programming language

The first keynote of PyChain 2022 will be on Vyper smart contract programming by Patrick Collins

Keynote: Vyper  - Pythonic smart contract programming language

PyChain 2022 is excited to announce its first keynote by Patrick Collins. Patrick talks about Vyper, a Pythonic smart contract programming language for Ethereum-compatible blockchains, how evolved over time and why it matters today.

About Patrick Collins

Patrick Collins is an active community member in educating new developers on smart contract programming. Patrick’s tutorials on Vyper, Solidity and smart contract programming have helped thousands of developers to get started with blockchain development.  Patrick’s blockchain developer-focused YouTube channel has reached more than 1 million viewers, and his FreeCodeCamp Python smart contract video has done almost 3 million. Currently, Patrick works as a developer advocate for Chainlink Labs, as well as running a small smart contract auditing and infrastructure company Chain Accel.

About Vyper

Vyper is one of the main alternatives for Solidity, a well-known smart contract language. Over the last few years, Vyper had a renaissance and its popularity is growing fast.   

Vyper's design strives for simplicity and security, for both language and compiler-wise. Its Python-like syntax makes Vyper code easier to read and follow, making auditing Vyper smart contracts easier. To further highlight this security-critical nature of smart programming, the language deliberately does not feature e.g. inheritance to ensure easy understanding of any code. Titanoboa, an experimental Vyper interpreter, is showing promising research on how interactive prompt-based programming makes smart contracts easier.

Vyper’s history goes all the way back to the creation of Ethereum. Vyper technology and developer ecosystem have matured and real-world production usage has shown it is good for prime time. Vyper is used in production by decentralised finance protocols, like Curve and Yearn Finance, having billions of dollars in total value locked.

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