Call for speakers

We are looking for the speakers for the PyChain 2022.

Call for speakers

Call for speakers for the first PyChain conference

Note: Call for the speakers is closed for 2022.

The talk topics should be

  • In English
  • Related to the blockchain development
  • Relevant for Python and blockchain developers, or otherwise Pythonic

Available talk slots include

  • 30 minutes keynote
  • 20 minutes presentation
  • 3 minutes lightning talk - this is especially those for who want to share their own project and latest news

Long talks will be live streamed in the conference with live questions. Lighting talks will be prerecorded.

Submit your talk proposal on

  • Include your bio
  • Submission is open until Oct 15th
  • We will contact all proposers for accepted talks by email few days after the submission closes

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