Announcing PyChain sponsor: Interjektio

Pychain announces Python, web and cloud consulting specialists, Interjektio as 2022 sponsors

Announcing PyChain sponsor: Interjektio

We are excited to announce another sponsor joining the PyChain 2022 conference, Finnish software company, Interjektio

About Interjektio

Interjektio is an elite software development house specialized in Python, blockchain and AWS. Founded 2019 in Finland, Interjektio has built solutions for global and emerging brands in web, mobile such as Oura. The Interjektio team is expert on EVM based blockchains and worked with several cryptocurrency exchanges for integration.

Interjektio is always looking for new challenges and new staff. Contact Interjektio for opportunities.

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PyChain 2022 is the first online blockchain conference targeting the Python ecosystem and developers. The topics cover quantitative finance and AI, APIs, trading automation, web3, smart contract development, blockchain core development, security and testing. The goals of the event include introducing blockchain development to new developers and sharing the best practices across different blockchain community boundaries.

Tickets are free. The reservations for limited spots are open now, so get your ticket while you still can.

The conference will take place on 15th November. Follow for more information on

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